Little Known Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

21 Apr

Your honeymoon, perhaps the biggest and most important vacation of a lifetime, is the opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a new life together with the one you love. A special, one time only trip, your honeymoon offers the perfect chance to splurge on an unforgettable getaway that will please you and the one you love.

If you’re just beginning to consider your many choices for this momentous trip, take a few moments to learn about some of your most exotic and luxurious options. This list offers some ideas for both classic fixtures for the honeymooning set as well as a few little known romantic destinations.


Nothing says romance quite like Paris, the city of love. Although Europe offers thousands of years worth of cultural landmarks and sites, not to mention charming Old World hospitality at every turn, surprisingly few couples consider it for a honeymoon vacation. However, with cheap booked in advance airfare and a little preplanning, a jaunt to Paris for a week or two makes for a fantastically affordable and unforgettable honeymoon.

Couples looking to create a truly upscale atmosphere for their trip can enjoy some of the world’s most opulent luxury hotels located conveniently in down town Paris. Relax in posh digs at the beautiful Hotel Waldorf Madeleine and let the concierge set you up with tours or clue you in to the finest restaurants in town or pretend you’re royalty at the famous Hotel Concorde Montparnasse.

More adventurous couples on a shoestring can experience the same breathtaking sites and museums including the Louvre, D’Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral and of course, the Eiffel Tower, without spending an arm and a leg on accommodations. Paris abounds with budget hotels and even bed and breakfasts that offer what some would deem a more genuine experience than larger facilities can offer.

The Caribbean

If the New World is more you and your sweetheart’s speed, consider booking a week long luxury cruise that explores the exotic tropical landscapes and island cultures of the Caribbean Sea. Taking a cruise is a fantastic option that combines all the conveniences and amazing variety of activities of a resort town with stress-free travel to exotic locales.

Honeymooning couples will have tons of fun filled options to choose from while en route to their many ports of call, from mingling at constantly raging deck parties to strolling down whole streets filled with boutiques and restaurants of all types. For those more relaxing times, the happy couple might choose to get a full spa treatment and massage together before heading back to a large upper cabin with a private balcony.

Once your ship pulls into port, you’ll have a whole new world of exciting opportunities to enjoy together. Each island of the Caribbean offers something unique and exciting, but fortunately ships make multiple stops. Popular shore side excursions include tours of tropical rainforests, lounging on pristine white sand beaches or snorkeling through warm life-filled Caribbean waters. For the thrill seeking couples, there’s also ample opportunity for mountain climbing trips or even parasailing.


With the prospect of tropical island paradises on your mind, it only makes sense to consider what may be the epitome of them: Hawaii. Boasting some of the world’s most amazing geographical formations, owing to the volcanoes that built them, the Hawaiian Islands have a reputation for welcoming visitors with open arms.

Happy couples have tons of amazing activities to choose from, including taking close up and personal helicopter tours of active volcanoes, trekking across their dormant cousins or exploring tropical rain forests. Of course, no trip to Hawaii would be complete without ample time at the beaches.

Even though Hawaii is known internationally for its incredible surfing conditions and culture, couples who are looking for a lower key yet still exciting trip might choose to take a guided snorkeling trip along the islands’ rugged coasts that are home to astounding populations of tropical fish and coral.

For an even further hands-off approach, there’s nothing more romantic than a sunset cruise where you just might catch a glimpse of the many whales and dolphins that comb Hawaii’s shores. With something to offer couples of every ilk, the United States’ fiftieth state offers one of the greatest choices for a memorable honeymoon.

When deciding upon the honeymoon that’s best for you and your spouse-to-be, don’t be afraid to think outside of the traditional honeymoon box. Some of the most exciting honeymoons are set in less than stereotypical locations. If there’s somewhere you have both always wanted to see, there’s no better time than your honeymoon to see it.

With a bit of research and diligent searching, you can plan a romantic honeymoon that you and your special someone will share memories of for years to come.

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