Latest Top 10 Hotels at trivago

15 May

At trivago the customer can compare prices with one mouse click. With a unique meta price comparison for hotels, the client searching can find the cheapest deal from different well known booking platforms.

Even people that prefer to book directly through hotels should also check out trivago first. Often intermediaries can offer better prices than the hotel itself. Those visitors who know exactly what they want, can use different criteria to narrow down the search to suit their individual needs.

Some of the most researched hotels the past week at trivago:

Ibis Amsterdam Centre

Holiday Inn Heidelberg


NH Voltaire Potsdam

Etap Hamburg-Ost Wandsbek

Hipotels Barrosa Park

Palma Bay Club

Riu Playa Park

RIU Palace Tenerife

Fiesta Club Bahamas

Thanks to the trivago community, visitors can find personal travel reports, holiday photos, hotel, restaurant and destination evaluations, beyond compare. No sales driven travel agent has a say in this, only the travelers with their personal recommendations. Therefore, an honest impression of the next holiday destination develops because of the fact that trivago members write and judge only that information which they share between themselves.

Every member engaged in the community also benefits financially, as the community shares a large part of the commission from hotel recommendations. Active users can therefore contribute to their travel funds, and again use their newly gained travel information for the community.

Peter Vinnemeier, Malte Siewert, Rolf Schrömgens (from left to right)

Peter Vinnemeier, Malte Siewert, Rolf Schrömgens (from left to right)

“trivago’s unique technological structure makes finding hotels efficiently with your chosen criteria possible.”
– Peter Vinnemeier, Technology Sales and Distribution Manager

“For most internet users the online travel market is still very unclear. With our price comparison we clarify the offers from various suppliers for customers. Our partners also profit from trivago through an increase in bookings and publicity. We compare the prices from booking machines, which provide an added value and are thus competitive. At times one partner has the advantage, and at times another. The region in which someone is looking for a hotel also plays a big role. We have determined that individual suppliers in specific countries or cities are especially low-cost. Without the help of trivago, such information is only available to customers via exhausting search efforts on their part.”
– Malte Siewert, Finance and Business Development Manager

“trivago is often used as an ideal example for the Web 2.0. With the overuse of the word ‘ideal’ the latter hardly holds any meaning for me.
To put it simply, in comparison to its competition, trivago goes the extra mile. trivago doesn’t have a community, it is the community. Every user is immediately part of the broad picture, in which the possibilities are endless.”

– Rolf Schrömgens, Strategy and Product Manager

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