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12 May


Dying for a drink, ready for a straightjacket or simply just in the mood for munching fake body parts? Then head to Hospitalis in Riga! This is no sick joke, but rather the brainchild of a consortium of doctors who have taken what they know best and turned it into an unusual theme restaurant with authentic tools & accessories.

Be warned: besides the International menu there are dishes such as “RESIDIO POSTAMPUTATIONEM TRAUMATICA MIXTUM” and, with a steak costing about £45, the final bill might be detrimental to your health. Despite costing an arm & a leg and having a sterile atmosphere, there seems to be no shortage of eager outpatients … crazy!

Phone +371 67313530, Fax +371 67313531, Stabu street 14, Riga (

Hospitalis hospital-theme restaurant | Travel News |

Decked out in a sterile, modern medical environment and boasting scantily clad nurses, the Hospitalis in Riga serves hearty Latvian dishes and a macabre cake topped with realistic-looking body parts such as fingers, noses and tongues.

Served on gurneys and operating tables, the restaurant provides diners with cutlery such as syringes, tweezers and scalpels to devour their meals.

Hospitalis | Cool Things In Random Places.

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One response to “Hospitalis | Crazy Cuisine

  1. Sandra

    May 12, 2009 at 1:08 am

    Oh well, whatever …
    I’ve read a lot about unusual restaurants and hotels but it will take a lot to beat this one ! I think I can do very well without the experience of losing an arm and a leg there 🙂


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