No “Bully Beef” @ elBulli

11 May

Described as being “the hottest culinary spot on the planet” and headed by a “legendary gastronomic genius”, El Bulli presents “cutting edge creations” which consist of “extremely unusual and stimulating combinations”. This is a “gourmets dream destination” which offers a “spacious dining room” and only opens from April to September. It is noted that “no conventional dish can be found” and that “160 recipes are created each year” to provide the “30-course marathon”.

Eating the “famous spherical olives” is described as a “magical sensation” and the melon caviar is said to be “one of the chefs masterpieces, perfect in every possible way”. First courses were served on “uniquely designed ultra-modern plates”. Although some dishes were “very intriguing” and “exquisite”, it is also noted that the 20th-course had “terrible” presentation and its vegetarian alternative is described as being a “closed coffin filled with parmesan air” which was “submerged in liquid nitrogen and setting as solid”. Dishes also included “absolutely stunning” Marrakech crab .

The reviewer states that overall it was a “joyful, stimulating and interesting dining experience” but that it “was not our best meal” and that there were too many “weird ingredients”. The service throughout was “smooth, friendly and professional” and the wine list was “fabulous”. [Read the full article]

Address: Cala Montjoi
17480 Roses
Telephone: +34(972)150457
Fax: +34(972)150717
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