Cango Wildlife Ranch : don’t miss it!

11 May
The Cango Wildlife Ranch offers the visitor an opportunity to get up close and personal with such endangered species as the cheetah and new species of animals such as Madagascar Lemur, Spotted-necked otter and Marabou stork. Visitors are encouraged to interact with tigers, reptiles and cage-dive with a mighty 4 metre Nile crocodile. It is child- and wheelchair friendly and there are a few eateries and curio shops on the premises. It is also conveniently near to other attractions such as the Cango Caves and ostrich ranches.
Address: PO Box 559
6620 Oudtshoorn
Telephone: +27(44)2725593
Fax: +27(44)2724167
Web: homepage

CANGO WILDLIFE RANCH | Cape Route 62 Attraction | Things to do.
Since its inception in 1977 the ranch has become one of the largest tourist attractions in the region. Cheetahland was developed in 1988 and became the home of a variety of cats such as lion and jaguar, helping us with our goal to promote public awareness of endangered species.

The thrill of Valley of Ancients and Natural Encounters were completed in 2005 adding a thrill element to learning about crocodiles and making the Cango Wildlife Ranch one of the most interactive, exciting tourist attractions worldwide. New species of animals such as Madagascar Lemur, Spotted-necked otter and Marabou stork were brought in to awe visitors. The Natural Encounter program offers visitors young and old the once in a lifetime opportunity of interacting with some of our animals.

Besides the numerous attractions and thrill of petting live cheetahs (like stroking an enormous, dangerous kitten), there is a variety of curios and interesting bric-a-brac to charm souvenir seekers and a delightful restaurant with extensive menu.

I rate the Cango Wildlife Ranch as the highlight of my visit to the region, not purely for the enjoyment of the good facilities but also for the feel-good-factor of having been able to contribute to such a worthwile cause as preserving our wildlife at “the oldest and biggest cheetah contact centre worldwide”. Certainly not an experience to be missed!

Cango Wildlife Ranch

Cango Wildlife Ranch


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