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09 May

Wandering Through the Unspoilt Wilderness in South Africa

Mountain Sanctuary Park (by Gill Taylor)

Mountain Sanctuary Park (by Gill Taylor)

If a little bit of peace and quiet sounds like an appealing prospect, pay a visit to Mountain Sanctuary Park. It’s a relatively unknown and totally unspoilt private nature reserve in the Magaliesberg Mountains, and for as long as you’re there, it really does feel like your own small piece of the world. Visit just for the day or stay overnight in a tent, or in one of the park’s log cabins. Either way, you’ll have plenty of time to appreciate what this haven of tranquility has to offer. For the more adventurous, there’s rock climbing and abseiling—and for the rest of us, there are crystal clear mineral water rock pools and streams to swim in, or drink from!

(source: Trazzler)
Mountain Sanctuary Park (by Marco Schmidt)

Mountain Sanctuary Park (by Marco Schmidt)

From Getaway:
•  Mountain Biking Trails!
Mountain Sanctuary has established its first mountain bike trail on the property. This adds to the already prolific farm roads available for mountain biking enthusiasts.

Just sloth around the camp-site, or walk a short distance into one of the kloofs and read a book in the shade of a tree with no sound but a gurgling stream.

Nature walks
Mountain Sanctuary Park boasts a wide variety of animals, birds and creatures – all indiginous to the Magaliesberg. Ask for a spotting list at the office, then take a walk and see what you can spot.

Not only is there a beautiful swimming pool near the campsite (but far away enough for people to play without disturbing campers in their siesta), but there are also several natural rock-pools scattered around the park in which you can enjoy a refreshing swim.

Walking trails
We have a number of laid-out trails for you to walk on.

While we don’t offer abseiling as a guided activity (it takes proper training and qualifications to do this), there are a number of abseil sites on the property. You’ll need to bring your own gear, or you can look for a guide on our links page.

Rock climbing
For those with a head for heights we have a number of climbs on our property (Bring your own kit). Nothing is bolted, so you need to be a trad climber to climb here. If you’d like to try your hand and have never done this, feel free to look at our links page for a reputable climbing guide.

Mountain Biking
The Magaliesberg has a wide variety of dirt roads, ranging from easy terrain (such as the Barnardsvlei Road) to the physically dermanding Breedt’s Neck Mountain Pass, which rises from an altitude 1360m in the north to 1670m at the crest before dropping down to 1440m when it joins the R24 in the south. From the crest of the pass it loses 120m in the first 1.1 Km – that’s a stiff return ride! The Barnardsvlei road, on the other hand, has a low-point of 1200m and a maximum altitude of 1330m – a total elevation difference of 100m over a distance 11.5 Km – an easy ride in anyone’s language.

Mountain sanctuary - walk to climb on mountain plato
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