World’s Leading Destination for Value for Money

08 May

With fluctuating oil prices, dwindling global economies and volatile currency exchange rates, travelers are now, more than ever, seeking out tourism destinations which offer the upmost value for money.

This is where Thailand, the Land of Smiles and the tourism epicenter of Southeast Asia steps in and paves the way; a country where those with higher spending power can enjoy a luxurious 5-star hotel room for just a 100 Euro and an exquisitely romantic buffet dinner cruise for 60 Euro. Then, for those on a budget an exotically located beach bungalow can be had for 15 Euro and a dish of tasty shrimp fried rice for even less than a Euro.

It is no wonder therefore, that Thailand has, this year been awarded the designation of Best Country Brand for Value for Money by the coveted Country Brand Index (CBI) during World Trade Market (WTM), London, 2008 (the largest trade conference of its kind in the UK). CBI is a world leader in terms of global brand consultancy which incorporates qualitative and quantitative research, quality opinions and references relevant statistics which link brand equity to assets growth and expansion.

This value for money includes some of the best the world has to offer in regards to spa, golf, women-only, family-friendly, green, beach, diving and medical tourism. Fields of tourism where Thailand has recently excelled, soared in popularity and been accoladed by their relative expert sectors.

Besides being honored best value for money in November 2008, Thailand also received designation in other key travel decision areas. They were:

– 3rd Best Country Brand for Authenticity
– 4th Best Country Brand for Shopping
– 4th Best Country Brand for Nightlife

Thailand’s unique authenticity includes: distinctive cuisine, angelic dance, ancient Thai boxing and revitalizing Thai massage. And not forgetting of course, that natural honest-to-goodness renowned smile which is synonymous with Thailand’s people.

Source: World’s Leading Destination for Value for Money by Thailand Tourism Update

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