Unusual, Weird & Bizarre Hotels

01 May

Ever got tired of the usual, humdrum hotel options and wished for something unusual & extraordinary on vacation? The options have run amok and now you have the choice to spend your nights in a drainpipe, a school, underwater, in a luxury treehouse and much more…


Harlingen is located at the Wadden Sea in the Netherland and is putting its naval traditions to good use … visitors have the option to sleep aboard a lifeboat which was fully operational until 1979, spend the night in the lighthouse or have a romantic break far above it all in a harbour crane.

Ariaú Amazon Towers

Ariaú Amazon Towers by Claus Brabrand

Going to Brazil?

Located 35 miles from Manuas, the Ariaú Amazon Towers offers accommodation in the treetops, affording visitors the opportunity to enjoy nature without disturbing the ecology.

According to the New York Times the Ariaú Amazon Towers is “one of the oldest and by far the largest of the jungle lodges, it has been visited by celebrities like Bill Gates and the King and Queen of Spain. Responding to the international boom in ecological and adventure tourism, lodgings have sprung up all over the region in the past four or five years. Travelers with a yen for the exotic and a tolerance for the unpredictable can now book a stay in the jungle with an expectation of, if not luxury, then at least a reasonable degree of comfort”

Kerela, India also offers treetop accommodations which “come complete with running water in private baths, telephones, and if you’re feeling extra adventurous – access to a hanging bridge”

For the budget-traveler, a night in an Australian jail might be just the thing. No, I am not recommending that you get arrested, but rather that you book into Mount Gambier Jail

South Africa has its own (supposedly haunted) prison backpackers in Grahamstown, so if you’re in the region do try out the Old Gaol which dates from 1840.

Too posh for prison? Then how about splashing-out and taking a dive at one of the undersea resorts? One option is the Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida, another is to head out to Fiji and stay at the Poseidon Resort

You can also try out The Tower at Hippo Point Private Estate and Wildlife Sanctuary (Lake Naivasha, Kenya); spend a night “inside the World’s Biggest Beagle” at the Dog Bark Park Inn or go underground in Sweden at the Sala Silvermine.

Woodlyn Park in Waitomo, New Zealand and the Winvian in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut both offer a range of unusual accommodations. Other alternatives to explore include the ElquiDomos Astro Lodge in Chile; the rice barges at the Imperial Boat House in Koh Samui and the Capsule Inn Akihabara in Tokyo. Of course, if you’re in Cappadocia, the Gamirasu Cave Hotel is certainly unusual!


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3 responses to “Unusual, Weird & Bizarre Hotels

  1. Sandra

    May 12, 2009 at 1:14 am

    Where do you find those? Apart from the absolutely weird stuff some really great ideas for a unusual hotel experience in here. I’d love to spend some time in the tree houses or the caves but think I can do without the jail. Maybe it’s the video … :-))

    • Pierre

      May 12, 2009 at 1:18 am

      LOL … must admit the jail doesn’t do it for me either. Poseidon sounds great in my book!

  2. Katherin Burgos

    March 8, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    The food on Koh Samui is yummy and cheap, the beaches are white and all the locals we met were very friendly and eager to advice use. We stayed at Bophut- a completely different place to the busy tourist trap at Chaweng.


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