20 top destinations from Getaway

29 Apr

Getaway Magazine has published its selection of top destinations.

From the Amazon to Zanzibar, we’ve chosen the coolest places to travel in Africa and the rest of our beautiful planet.

We live on a small, blue planet near a minor sun in the outer arm of an ordinary galaxy. But hey, what a beautiful place! A significant part of that planet, shaped a bit like a Stone Age hand axe, is the continent of Africa where, science tells us, our ancestors first became recognisably human.

For the past 20 years, Getaway has been travelling that continent, gathering stories and photographs in celebration of curiosity and adventure. We have also explored other continents for good deals and mustsee sights.

This month, being our 20th birthday edition, we put our heads together and, after much heated debate, we have chosen what we think are the world’s top 20 places to visit – 10 in Africa (okay, we’re slightly biased) and 10 in the rest of the world.

They have been selected on their ‘wow’ factor, the sort of destinations for which world travellers can earn bragging rights and remember for the rest of their lives. Where we couldn’t fit in all the useful information, we put it on our website.

The nominees are:

Angkor Wat
Red Sea Diving
Victoria Falls
Giza’s Pyramids
Cape Town
Kruger Park
Grand Canyon
Okavango Delta
Machu Picchu
Great wall of China
Great Barrier reef

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