Discovering the best of Paris

29 Apr

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Luxury Travel Magazine provides some very informative destination articles and have launched a new series by Jessica Colley

A Grand Tour of France, Part I: Paris in the Springtime

“Notre Dame looked even better in the sunshine. With only a few small clouds for contrast, the 13th century church stood firm and tall, while visitors gazed from its flat top over expansive Paris. A few minutes and tight turns later, on a one-way street, I was welcomed to the Relais Christine. Large swinging doors opened into a courtyard, just a few short weeks from bloom. I wondered how many Parisians had entered these gates over the history of the building, carrying their daily baguette with cheese or fruit from the market.

Situated on the left bank, Relais Christine remains quiet while offering proximity to the best Paris has to offer. The morning after my arrival, I stepped into the Rue Christine only to discover a film being shot around the corner, my new neighborhood the backdrop for a movie production. Around the corner, a small plaque revealed the house as the location Picasso painted his famous ‘Guernica’ in 1937. A former Bond girl, wearing tall black boots, strutted past me. This was all in the first 5 minutes I left the door of the hotel.” (more)

Condé Nast Portfolio presents a brief but informative Guide to Paris and state that it “is also the business heart of the world’s fifth-largest economy.” There is also an article entitled Table for One: Paris which offers handy dining recommendations for solo travelers.

“With more than eleven million inhabitants in the city and the surrounding area, the densely populated Paris belongs to the metropolises of the world. The “city of the love”, as Paris is also called, annually receives more than 24 million visitors and is deemed to be the European capital of tourism. The famous “Savoir vivre”, or the subtle way of life, best reflects the Parisian attitude to life.  The Parisians themselves are, astonishingly, not too fine to partake during their lunch times of a Baguette on the stairs to the Grand Arche de la Défense, or on the lawn in one of the innumerable parks.

The probably most bizarre objects of interest are the Catacombs of Paris. Starting from the 13th Century, limestone was mined in the quarry and thus an underground system of corridors with a length of more than 330 kilometers was developed. As a result of famines and epidemics in the 18th Century, the cemeteries were overcrowded. In order to solve this problem, a group of people in the year 1786 began to transfer about a million bones from several cemeteries into the Catacombs at night over a 15 month period.”  (Travel Guide Paris Image & text by fuchsis)

Paris Guide at Tripwolf

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